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Our Pastor Calvin Julian-Jones invites you to join us

for our Sunday service @ 10.30 including our Sunday Club (S-Club) for children of all ages. All are welcome.

Upcoming Events


Sunday 7th October @ 10.30am


All Age service followed by

a Harvest Lunch to support

B.M.S. Project “Life’s first Cry.”





Sunday 23rd September @ 10.30am

“Pleasing God”







Sunday 16th September @ 10.30am

1 Thessalonians

A Community of Faith, Love and Hope





Sunday 26th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

3. The Woman who anointed Jesus’ Feet.








Sunday 19th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

2. The woman in the crowd







Sunday 12th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

The Woman at the well







Sunday 5th August @ 10.30am

All Age Service

SuperHeroes Jesus and Me






Sunday 29th July @ 10.30am

Hezekiah - “UnDefeated”

Faith and Repentance

= Deliverance




Sunday 22nd July @ 10.30am

“Mission Impossible?”

All welcome




190 Years Anniversary Weekend:

30th June - 1st July 2018

Saturday: 2.30pm Thanks Giving Celebration

Sunday: 10.30am Guest Preacher Rev Dave Wilson






Sunday 24th June @ 10.30am

The last Sermon in the

Resurrection Appearances Series.

Jesus appears to Saul on the 

Damascus Road.






Sunday 17th June @ 10.30am

Father’s Day

ALL AGE Service

All Welcome




Sunday 10th June @ 10.30am

Jesus is Alive

Peter’s 2nd Chance

All Welcome






Sunday 3rd June @ 10.30am

Jesus is ALIVE

Mass Hysteria?

All Welcome





Sunday 27th May @10.30am

The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Jesus is Alive

I Don’t believe it!  - Thomas

All welcome






Sunday 6th May @ 10.30am

“It Could Happen To YOU.”

Jesus is Alive (2)

Jesus appears to the Disciples.







Sunday 22nd April @ 10.30am

“Mistaken Identity.”

All Welcome






Sunday 8th April @ 10.30am


All Welcome.




Sunday 1st April

9.45am Easter Breakfast rsvp

10.30am ALL AGE EASTER Service



Sunday 18th March @ 10.30am

1 John 4:7 - 5:4 “God’s Love in Us.”

We will also celebrate Communion







Sunday 4th march @10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Test the spirits”






Sunday 11th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Doing what is Right”

All Welcome Refreshments after the service.







Sunday 4th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“3 Warnings!”









Sunday 28th January @ 10.30am


You are my Light, my Rock and my Fortress.

All Welcome Refreshments after the service





Sunday 21st January @ 10.30am

1John 1:5-2:14

“What if I stumble?”







Sunday 14th January @ 10.30am

New Year New Sermon Series

on 1 John begins today.





Sunday 7th January @ 10.30am

Epiphany - The Wise Men




Sunday 31st December @ 10.30am

New Year’s Eve Service.

“Behold I am coming soon.”





Sunday 17th December

Christmas Services

10.30am All Age Nativity Play

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

All Welcome





Sunday 3rd December @ 10.30am

1st Sunday in Adevnt 2017

Hope for The Hopeless Isaiah 9:1-7…





Sunday 26th November @ 10.30am

The Final sermon in the series on The Book of AMOS

“Destruction and Restoration”






Sunday 19th November @ 10.30am

This week we have Mr Malcolm Fleming

coming to share what God is doing through

The Bible Society.






Sunday 12th November 10.30am

Remembrance Sunday Service

During the service we will observe the 2 minute National Silence.






Sunday 5th November @ 10.30am


“Stars in the Universe”






Sunday 8th October @10.30am

Series on AMOS




Sunday 1st October @ 10.30am

Harvest Celebration

All Age Service Speaker:

Mrs B. Ennals (Tearfund)

A Harvest Lunch follows the service.

Cost £5 Proceeds to Tearfund

r.s.v.p. 0118 9783022 (30.09.17.)




Sunday 24th September @ 10.30am

New Sermon Series on

The Book of Amos




Sunday 17th September

9.45am Continental Breakfast R.S.V.P.

10.30am All Age Service on Prayer




Sunday 10th September @ 10.30am

“Dare to Believe”

A Special Week of Prayer Begins




Sunday 27th August @ 10.30am



All Welcome.





Sunday 20th August @ 10.30am

Last in Series

“Transformed Living”

Put on The Armour of God




Sunday 23rd July @10.30am



Followed by a Bar-b-que

r.s.v.p. Wednesday 19.7.17.

Adults £3 Children £1.50



Sunday 18th June @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate

Father’s Day

with us at our All Age Service



Sunday 11th June @ 10.30am

“Serving God Together”

“you are a chosen people, a royal

priesthood, a holy nation, a people

belonging to God, that you may declare

the praises of Him who called you out

of darkness into His wonderful light.”




Sunday 4th June @ 10.30am


Come and celebrate The Birhtday

of The Church of Jesus Christ!




Sunday 28th May @ 10.30am

Conclusion of Job Series




Sunday 21st May @ 10.30am


Testimony, promises

Songs & Prayers.



Sunday 14th May @10.30am


God Takes Care of us.

“Noah and the animals”



Sunday 7th May @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

God Speaks to Job




Sunday 30th April @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

A Life Pleasing to God



Sunday 9th April @ 10.30am


Jesus Our Mediator.



Sunday 26th March

@ 10.30am

Mothering Sunday Service.


The Children will be making Mothers’

Day Presents and all the ladies at the

service will be given a Gift.

We hope you can come and join us as

we celebrate Mothers Today.



Sunday 19th March

@ 10.30am

Series on The Book of Job

6… “Life’s NOT Fair!”





Sunday 26th February


Sermon Series on The Book of Job

Chapter 3

“A Dead Man Walking”






Sunday 15th January


Are you wearing Royal Robes

or Grave clothes?

John 11:1-44




Sunday 25th December


All Age Christmas service

Everyone welcome.




Sunday 18th December

4th Sunday in Advent

10.30amThe Little star who couldn’t twinkle”

Nativity Play All Age Service

Followed by Festive refreshments

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

followed by Refreshments.

Come and celebrate Christmas with us.









Sunday 11th December

3rd Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The Good SHEPHERD.”




Sunday 27th November

1st Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The LIGHT of The World.”

Come on a journey with us this Advent to

discover The Greatest Gift.



Sunday 13th November

Remembrance Sunday


“Lest We forget.”


 Operation Christmas Child

Sunday 13th November

Please return your shoe boxes by this date.

Last year 11 million boxes were delivered

in over 100 countries.

Please take a box and a leaflet available at

the Church.



Sunday 30th October

 @ 10.30am

We continue our Sermon Series


This week - “How to Pray”





Sunday 9th October

Christians Against Poverty

Sunday @10.30am


Sunday 2nd October



Sunday 18th September 


 9.45am The Big Breakfast   RSVP 16.9.16.

10.30am The Big Welcome Service

We invite you to come and visit us today or any Sunday you are free.




Sunday August 7th @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate Oliver’s Dedication .





May 27-29 2016


Tickets Adult: £55.00  5-16: £37.00  under 5: £2.00


Sunday 15th May 2016


Celebrate the Day of Pentecost




Sunday March 27th

10:30am Easter Sunday



We will be joining the other Wokingham Churches as

part of our Easter 2016 Celebrations today.

11.00am St Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church

             Good Friday Service & Refreshments.

This will be followed by a procession to the Market Square.

12.00pm EASTER PLAY performed by STAGEFRIGHT

Come along if you can, All Welcome








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Latest Events

 Sunday 31st July

we held an afternoon tea which was enjoye dby all who came and we raised £124.00 to add to our Gift Day fund which is for the work currently being undertaken in the church building. 




New to 2014 we are posting our sermons on youtube so that they are much easier to access from all devices and to share with your friends. Just click on the videos below:


Isaiah 43:14 - 44:5 God is a God of the Present and Past

God is a God of the past, but make no mistake he is also a God of the present!

Download Audio


Lee's Baptism Sermon - Luke 15

Do you think God is a million miles away? Irrelevent to you.  Calvin talks about luke 15 the prodical son

down load audio



This week, with the olympics fast approaching calvin speaks to us about the importance of finishing the race!



2 Kings Chapter 5 

This Sunday we celebrated with David Adkins and his family on the occasion of his baptism.  Calvin’s spoke to us with a strong message on pride and the trap of believing we can do without God



Acts:26 Encountering God.

Iain Bisset from Kings Church Wokingham speaks to us about encountering God, how it changes us and how being open to the holy spirit is vital

download audio


What is your God like?

This week, we welcome our friend Laurence McNulty from Kings Church in Wokingham who explores the question ‘What is your God like?’ in his sermon.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Salt & Light - 2. What's it all about? Matthew 5:16

If you’re a Christian what are you living for? Paul was in no doubt after the Damascus Road experience.
It is our chief aim the reason we are made and what we are designed for, To bring Praise to God.
We are living letters of Christ to the world (2 Corinthians 3:3) 3 questions about our life and our
motivation for living and serving.

1) Who am I really living for? Am I seeking to live in an awareness of God’s presence? Am I expecting Him to speak to me? Am I listening? Am I willing to do what he wants however difficult or inconvenient? Am I sharing the love of Jesus in this? Am I doing this uncondiotionally? Is it my chief aim to see God Glorified.

2) Am I seeking to build God’s kingdom or mine? James & John (Matthew 20:26-28)  Is it your desire to serve or be served? Many I specialists only place in God’s kingdom for I is the centre of the word SIN and needs radical transformation. Now its all about Jesus! Count how many times you
use the words “I, me, my” compared with how many times “God, Jesus, Holy Spirit” an acid test.

3) How can I express God’s Love?  God’s kingdom built on Love (1 Corinthians 13) The demonstartion of God’s love leads to God being glorified. The more we love the more God is praised.”

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Celebrating Pastor Calvin's 2nd Anniversary at SBC

This week we welcome Rev Peter Manson. His sermon reflected on our Pastor’s 2 years of service at Sindesham Baptist Church.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-16 (6.5.12.) 1. Pour on the Salt: Matthew 5:13

Jesus’ only plan for the continuation of His work on earth is THE CHURCH. There’s no back up plan,
because He believes we will not Fail. He said to His followers ‘You are the salt of the earth’. What does that mean for us today?

1. YOU ARE the salt of the earth: Jesus makes it clear if you belong to Him then you are to be the salt the people in the world need. because you belong to Him.

2. But if the salt loses its saltiness: The salt around the Dead Sea contained minerals as well
as salts not pure sodium chloride therefore on occasions the salt could be dissolved and left something which looked the same but had no taste. We are all like grains of salt we cannot stay safe inside the church just as the grains of salt are bought to be poured out of the salt cellar and used so The Lord wants us to pour out of the church His flavour into the lives of the people around us.

3. It is No longer good for anything: most things can be recycled but a Christian that has lost the flavour of Christ is good for nothing. Salt was used to confirm treaties we have become part of the New covenant not through eating salt but through Jesus blood.” What difference does your life make to the people around you?”

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Series on Colosians 5 - 4:2-18...

Are we putting on a show living FOR Jesus or are we really living IN Jesus? If we do the latter, the first will flow out from us automatically. Paul in this last chapter speaks of 3 areas we need to make sure we are not putting on a show.

1. Prayer (2-4). Ronseal “It does what it says on the tin” Nike “Just do it” God delights in us bringing the desires of our hearts to Him He commands it.

2. Witness (5-6) “walk in wisdom to outsiders” creativity, tact, thoughtfulness do we speak of Jesus seasoned with salt? Its more about how we say things than content.

3. Encourage (7-18) 2/3 of this section on encouragement Paul holds up the value of living and
working in community and how we need to treat other Christians friendship, faithfulness encouragement…..”Grace be with You” If we do this then this part of Berkshire will be radically transformed.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13...

Often, we miss the value of the people around us and sometimes Christ’s presence just like Cleopas
and his brother experienced on that journey. The Resurrection has happenned - do we recognise The Risen Jesus and if so do we allow this fact to do 3 things to us?

1. The Resurrection Transforms us: They had erected a wall of hopelessness around them, defeated, dejected and scared. The Risen Jesus Himself came to them where they were and transformed them.

2. The Resurrection Convicted them: After Jesus reminded them of the truths revealed in the O.T. they were given an assurance of the reality of the new life Jesus offered through His death and resurrection “our hearts burned within us.”

3. The Resurrection made them witnesses: They returned to Jerusalem confident, excited and full of
joy to tell everyone the Good news.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-47...

Gene Smith wrote a biography of the life of US President Woodrow Wilson. Following WW1, he was hailed as an icon of hope but only 2 years later he was a defeated, broken man. Jesus also rose to great acclaim and popularity, which reached its peak on that 1st Palm Sunday. But then all the cheering stopped. Why?

1) They did not recognise His purpose. Too often the desire is for God to change our circumstances, instead of changing us in those circumstances. We lose sight of Him and just go through the motions of praise and service. Jesus came to deliver them not from Roman rule but from The power of death and sin. In wanting their own image of peace the way they wanted it, they missed The Prince of Peace Jn.16:33.

2) They Refused to Accept His Terms. Luke 14 - Jesus spoke of the cross and the way of His followers. Jesus offered them Peace in conflict. A king riding a donkey signified that Peace prevailed. Jesus didn’t do what they wanted He paid tribute to Caesar and spoke of servant hood. When things go our way its easy to cheer God but what about when they don’t? Then there are people who want salvation on their terms when they are ready but Jesus says He is the  only way to The Father. There is no other name under Heaven by which we must be saved. Now is the day of Salvation. Prov.14:12..

3) They did not realise refusal brought Judgement. vv.42-44… Jesus prophesied of the coming destruction of Jerualem in 70AD by Titus, when Josephus recorded how over 1 million Jews perished in the revolt, and the city and Temple destroyed.

We also should accept Christ and serve Him in the way He wants according To His Terms and conditions. 

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Series on Colossians 4. 3:17-4:1 Family & Work

You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family, unlike M&S you can’t take them back for a refund or an exchange. Two of the hardest areas of our lives where it is difficult to live consistently as a Christian are in the family and at work. Paul spells out clearly here in the light of 3:17 that God expects us to be a Christian in these areas of our lives no matter how difficult it is, and we have no excuse for not acting as a Christian here.

1. Family vv18-21… Paul begins with the call for wives to submit to their husbands but notice this is addressed to wives not to husbands or anyone else and just as its illegal to open anyone else’s post so husbands cannot demand submission. Paul says that wives do this as part of their obedience to the Lord, so that the family can run according to God’s rules. He then commands husbands to love (agape) their wives in the supernatural power of the Lord to sacrifice their desires and live to protect and sacrifice, for their wife, and be tuned into her needs. Children are called to obey their parents and parents to take care in bringing up their children by not exasperating or discouraging them. The home is to be bound together by Love which weaves its way into every relationship in that family.

2. Work vv22-4:1… Paul says in v.22-23 we are working not for people and their approval or rewards but for God; work is an integral part of our worship and service and this attitude must be clearly demonstrated in our  dedication and quality of work “we live to serve an audience of one” in this we are to cultivate a spirit of Thankfulness to God and we should seek to be known at work by our colleagues and bosses as the optimistic, humble, thankful person.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Series on Colossians 3. Freedom from Heresy through faith in Christ 2:8-23... 

Freedom is the subject of many films like Escape from Alcatraz, The Great Escape, and The Shawshank Redemption, to name just a few. Nelson Mandela said “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” In this section of Colossians, Paul writes to counter the heresy that would seek to enslave Christians and lead them away from the path of freedom in Christ. He begins and ends this section by saying the Christian is no longer subject to the basic principles of this world (vv.8,22) He speaks of Freedom from the Pride of Philosophy, from The Penalty of The Law, and from The Pursuit of Legalism.

1) The Pride of Philosophy. The heretics taught that only a few special people could be enlightened and know the deeper things of Christianity and this was knowledge to be learned. Paul warns against being puffed up with Pride (v20) Christ fills us with His Spirit and leads us all into all knowledge and fullness not just the few, and the more we learn about God the more we realise how little we understand which produces humility not pride.

2) The Penalty of The Law. (v.14) Baptism is sign of being accepted as a member of God’s covenant people just as under the Old Testament laws Circumcision spoke of acceptance by God, Through the work of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross God is able to forgive our sin as He paid the penalty of the law for us by standing in our place Romans 6:23…We were completely unable to pay the debt we owe to the law but now Jesus has cancelled out the debt for all who put their trust in Him for salvation He has set us free John 8:36…

3) The Pursuit of Legalism  Let nobody judge you, a life centred on Jesus has no room for legalism. The Mosaic laws were only a shadow of the real thing which is New Life in Christ and freedom to live for Him no longer slaves to sin and death. The Sabbath was made for man not vice versa. Paul says the antidote for false humility and angel worship is more of Jesus King of the Angels. Our identification with Christ in both His death and resurrection becomes the foundation for our Christian life, instead of law keeping.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Series on Colossians 2. - Colossians 1:24-2:7

Paul wanted the reader to be certain of the supremacy of Christ and here speaks of how now to their generation God had revealed the mystery of the ages, the greatest treasure this world has ever seen,
namely The Messiah Jesus revealed to the Gentile world as The Hope of Glory in you. He is worth spending our lives upon even when things are really difficult and painful the joy that comes through knowing Him surpasses everything.

1) Suffering for Christ, Paul says he gives thanks even in his sufferings because he knows that when we, as the church the body of Christ suffer, then mystically Christ shares in our sufferings, as he said to Paul on the Damascus Road ‘Saul - why do you persecute ME?’ Jesus warns His followers that, the world just as it persecuted the prophets and then crucified Him, will continue to persecute His Church until He returns.

2) The Secret of Christ, Now Paul was seeing Gentiles coming to faith in Christ all around him not just as a result of his own ministry but hearing reports from Timothy, Epaphras and many others of how people in their thousands from all nations were turning to Christ. Revival all around Him in the 
known world how exciting that must have been, have we lost this excitement today. Christ in You the hope of glory, Paul spelled out the all sufficiency of Christ in regard to one’s salvation and that the fullness of God was now available to everyone who believed, This was to counter the heresy that was beginning to come into the church and would soon be a major problem for the church (Gnosticism). Christ is all and is in all.

3) The Strengthening by Christ  God wants you to daily grow and develop in Him and for your faith like a strong plant to take deep root in Christ, so that when the sun scorches you and the storms beat down upon you, by His power and strength within you and with the knowledge He suffers along with you and feels your pain, you can sail on through the eye of the storm rejoicing in His presence and power, and thanking him for His love strength and guidance.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Series on Colossians. 1 - Intro. to Colossians 1:1-2.

Paul’s opening words were intended to be like a megaphone to get his readers attention, sometimes we need an earth shattering event to take place in our lives before God gets our full attention.

1) Who are you? Paul sets out his Apostolic authority for he had never met this group of Christians (The Apostle to the Gentiles) chosen by God to be His messenger. Paul believed the message he was bringing was not from himself but was the very word of God for these people. The New Testament is God’s word to us and we need to understand at the beginning of this new year that it is God’s word to us.

2) Why me? We can make excuses for not obeying what He says to us, but Paul reminds the Christians that they are now God’s saints, set apart and chosen by Him and for Him as such we are no longer people of the world but now People of God the ones to whom His message is sent.

3) What’s it all about? Grace and Peace you can’t buy them, you can’t learn them the world doesn’t have them they are Gifts from God. Following Peter’s sudden death, we are grieving today as a fellowship and we need more than ever these 2 gifts of God as do Jenny, Sian and Andrew, Dave and all their family. Jesus promises that My Grace is Sufficient, for every circumstance of life. Undeserving as we are He seeks to pour out His comfort strength and love into our aching souls. He longs to pour His Peace into our troubled minds and hearts He is The Prince of Peace our Wonderful Counsellor. We are no longer His enemy but His beloved Child “Come unto me and I will give you rest” Knowing that our Real Home is in Heaven and that Jesus has gone ahead of us to prepare that place for us, and will take us to be with Him on the day he calls us home. Death is never convenient for those of us left behind but our lives are in His hands from the moment of our conception until the day we die, and although we may not understand it, His time and His ways are perfect.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Ezekiel: Lessons for a New Year.

SBC apologises for the sound quality of this audio of Calvin’s sermon and we hope it does not spoil your enjoyment in listening to this week’s sermon.

A forest fire devastates everything in its path but months later a miracle occurs when new shoots of gree plants begin to appear amidst the charred deserted landscape. SBChas endured much pain, sadness & disappointment in the past decade or so but now we are seeing those same new shoots of new life and hope. God can use even the pain and disappointments to bring about His purposes. Just like the poem if we look back we will see one set of footprints in the sand. Realising this, what does Ezekiel have to say to us?

1) Individual Accountability (ch.18) we cannot blame anyone else our parents grandparents for 
how we choose to live and we are all responsible for our own actions in God’s sight. Yet Jesus has paid the price for our rebellion.

2) Individual Protection (ch.34) The Lord’s MY shepherd (Ps.23) Ezekiel speaks of how God will shepherd his people to protect them and lead them to good pasture. Just as he led the people of Moses’ day through the wilderness when He was with them every single moment of those 40 years the bad times and the good so He is with you and me as we stand at the dawn of 2012 He will be with you Jesus promises “I am the good shepherd (John 10).

3) Individual Restoration (ch.37) He will breathe new life into our dry bones as He did for His servants throughout History like Elijah, Jonah, Jeremiah who had wanted to end it all and felt they could not continue. he met their physical needs and then restored them to be part of His army. So in 2012 if we get low and tired and defeated if we ask Him to he will fully restore us, so that we can praise Him and tell the world Jesus Lives.

Whatever 2012 holds for you, all of us can be assured that Jesus will Hold you every moment of it.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


3) Christmas Songs "Hark the Herald Angels sing"


2) Christmas Songs "Silent Night"

Silent Night composed from a poem Christmas Eve 1818 in Austria. One of the greatest and most famous
of all carols what does it say to us today?

1) God’s Promise of Peace. (Micah 5:4-5) Jesus came into a world full of chaos and confusion to a town in chaos but despite Mary and Joseph’s circumstances the baby sleeps and as Mary holds her baby she feels the peace radiating from her child, a picture of God’s peace, no doubt she may have remembered the words of Isaiah 9:1-7 and the words of the angel in Luke 1:30-33. The 1st verse starts still the night, sleeps the world and ends with sleeping in heavenly rest/peace older translations have the words sleeps the world in peace tonight and from earthly woes we would be freed, Jesus God’s promise of Peace. In the midst of pain confusion and chaos we can find God’s peace in our Saviour.

2) God’s Promise of Redemption Psalm 111:9. In Jewish society, slaves could be freed by the actions of a family member fulfilling the role of a “kinsman Redeemer” Leviticus 25:47-49… He must be:  a Kinsman, Free, Able to Pay and be Willing. Jesus fulfilled all 4 necessary qualifications by His coming at
Bethlehem. God sent Him to redeem us from the bondage of sin and the power of death. The Hymn says Christ the Redeemer is Here, Christ The Saviour is born, and the dawn of Redeeming Grace. 3) God’s Promise of Grace On a plumber’s van in S.Africa “There is no place too deep, too dark or too dirty for us to handle” a perfect explanation of the Gospel of Grace. We don’t deserve God’s love or forgiveness and can contribute Nothing to our salvation its all of His Grace. The hymn speaks of this Grace, Strikes for us now the hour of grace, also Abundant grace for our intent, and a child from whom all blessings flow.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


1) Christmas Songs - O Come O come Emmanuel

The early church sang a short verse or chorus, which fitted the current church season or festival. This was called the Antiphon, the one sung during Advent consisted of just one word, a long drawn out “O” like a cry of distress to represent the Church’s longing for the second coming of Christ, and was known as “The Great O of Advent.” As time passed this was added to with the names for Christ and a prayer like “O Dayspring come and give us light” one was chanted each of the 7 days before Christmas
Day. How does this hymn translate the message of Advent to enable us to live as Christ intends?

1) Intense Longing for The Return of Christ. Advent is marked by a spirit of anticipation and expectancy, the same yearning the Israelite slaves in Egypt had to be set free. A sense that all creation groans waiting for its redemption. The parable of the Bridesmaids Matthew 25 speaks of being prepared for the coming of the bridegroom and not left out at His coming. Emmanuel God with us, The Lord of Might, The Rod of Jesse, who will shepherd and protect His people. The Dayspring who will bring Light and life and the key of David who will bring freedom and forgiveness.

2) The Hope of Deliverance  the cry of a people experiencing tyranny and injustice. God’s people wanted Him to change their oppressive circumstances, but we as Christians also have to experience earthly pain and loss, but our hope is not in our circumstances but in God. It tells of The Saviour who will ransom the captives, set them free and lead them out of exile, the giving of the law to show us how to live in God’s
ways, freedom from Satan’s power, salvation from hell and the cheering of our spirits from the dark night of gloom.

3) Joy at His coming. Advent is a time of joyous expectancy of the coming King, who uses ordinary flawed people like us, the hymn radiates joy and the appearance of God’s saviour, and the victory over death, its destruction and the closing of the road to misery. What joy? is that your experience? A faith that sees possibility when there is yet no evidence for it, is the wonder of Advent.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes