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Our Pastor Calvin Julian-Jones invites you to join us

for our Sunday service @ 10.30 including our Sunday Club (S-Club) for children of all ages. All are welcome.

Upcoming Events


Sunday 7th October @ 10.30am


All Age service followed by

a Harvest Lunch to support

B.M.S. Project “Life’s first Cry.”





Sunday 23rd September @ 10.30am

“Pleasing God”







Sunday 16th September @ 10.30am

1 Thessalonians

A Community of Faith, Love and Hope





Sunday 26th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

3. The Woman who anointed Jesus’ Feet.








Sunday 19th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

2. The woman in the crowd







Sunday 12th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

The Woman at the well







Sunday 5th August @ 10.30am

All Age Service

SuperHeroes Jesus and Me






Sunday 29th July @ 10.30am

Hezekiah - “UnDefeated”

Faith and Repentance

= Deliverance




Sunday 22nd July @ 10.30am

“Mission Impossible?”

All welcome




190 Years Anniversary Weekend:

30th June - 1st July 2018

Saturday: 2.30pm Thanks Giving Celebration

Sunday: 10.30am Guest Preacher Rev Dave Wilson






Sunday 24th June @ 10.30am

The last Sermon in the

Resurrection Appearances Series.

Jesus appears to Saul on the 

Damascus Road.






Sunday 17th June @ 10.30am

Father’s Day

ALL AGE Service

All Welcome




Sunday 10th June @ 10.30am

Jesus is Alive

Peter’s 2nd Chance

All Welcome






Sunday 3rd June @ 10.30am

Jesus is ALIVE

Mass Hysteria?

All Welcome





Sunday 27th May @10.30am

The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Jesus is Alive

I Don’t believe it!  - Thomas

All welcome






Sunday 6th May @ 10.30am

“It Could Happen To YOU.”

Jesus is Alive (2)

Jesus appears to the Disciples.







Sunday 22nd April @ 10.30am

“Mistaken Identity.”

All Welcome






Sunday 8th April @ 10.30am


All Welcome.




Sunday 1st April

9.45am Easter Breakfast rsvp

10.30am ALL AGE EASTER Service



Sunday 18th March @ 10.30am

1 John 4:7 - 5:4 “God’s Love in Us.”

We will also celebrate Communion







Sunday 4th march @10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Test the spirits”






Sunday 11th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Doing what is Right”

All Welcome Refreshments after the service.







Sunday 4th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“3 Warnings!”









Sunday 28th January @ 10.30am


You are my Light, my Rock and my Fortress.

All Welcome Refreshments after the service





Sunday 21st January @ 10.30am

1John 1:5-2:14

“What if I stumble?”







Sunday 14th January @ 10.30am

New Year New Sermon Series

on 1 John begins today.





Sunday 7th January @ 10.30am

Epiphany - The Wise Men




Sunday 31st December @ 10.30am

New Year’s Eve Service.

“Behold I am coming soon.”





Sunday 17th December

Christmas Services

10.30am All Age Nativity Play

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

All Welcome





Sunday 3rd December @ 10.30am

1st Sunday in Adevnt 2017

Hope for The Hopeless Isaiah 9:1-7…





Sunday 26th November @ 10.30am

The Final sermon in the series on The Book of AMOS

“Destruction and Restoration”






Sunday 19th November @ 10.30am

This week we have Mr Malcolm Fleming

coming to share what God is doing through

The Bible Society.






Sunday 12th November 10.30am

Remembrance Sunday Service

During the service we will observe the 2 minute National Silence.






Sunday 5th November @ 10.30am


“Stars in the Universe”






Sunday 8th October @10.30am

Series on AMOS




Sunday 1st October @ 10.30am

Harvest Celebration

All Age Service Speaker:

Mrs B. Ennals (Tearfund)

A Harvest Lunch follows the service.

Cost £5 Proceeds to Tearfund

r.s.v.p. 0118 9783022 (30.09.17.)




Sunday 24th September @ 10.30am

New Sermon Series on

The Book of Amos




Sunday 17th September

9.45am Continental Breakfast R.S.V.P.

10.30am All Age Service on Prayer




Sunday 10th September @ 10.30am

“Dare to Believe”

A Special Week of Prayer Begins




Sunday 27th August @ 10.30am



All Welcome.





Sunday 20th August @ 10.30am

Last in Series

“Transformed Living”

Put on The Armour of God




Sunday 23rd July @10.30am



Followed by a Bar-b-que

r.s.v.p. Wednesday 19.7.17.

Adults £3 Children £1.50



Sunday 18th June @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate

Father’s Day

with us at our All Age Service



Sunday 11th June @ 10.30am

“Serving God Together”

“you are a chosen people, a royal

priesthood, a holy nation, a people

belonging to God, that you may declare

the praises of Him who called you out

of darkness into His wonderful light.”




Sunday 4th June @ 10.30am


Come and celebrate The Birhtday

of The Church of Jesus Christ!




Sunday 28th May @ 10.30am

Conclusion of Job Series




Sunday 21st May @ 10.30am


Testimony, promises

Songs & Prayers.



Sunday 14th May @10.30am


God Takes Care of us.

“Noah and the animals”



Sunday 7th May @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

God Speaks to Job




Sunday 30th April @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

A Life Pleasing to God



Sunday 9th April @ 10.30am


Jesus Our Mediator.



Sunday 26th March

@ 10.30am

Mothering Sunday Service.


The Children will be making Mothers’

Day Presents and all the ladies at the

service will be given a Gift.

We hope you can come and join us as

we celebrate Mothers Today.



Sunday 19th March

@ 10.30am

Series on The Book of Job

6… “Life’s NOT Fair!”





Sunday 26th February


Sermon Series on The Book of Job

Chapter 3

“A Dead Man Walking”






Sunday 15th January


Are you wearing Royal Robes

or Grave clothes?

John 11:1-44




Sunday 25th December


All Age Christmas service

Everyone welcome.




Sunday 18th December

4th Sunday in Advent

10.30amThe Little star who couldn’t twinkle”

Nativity Play All Age Service

Followed by Festive refreshments

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

followed by Refreshments.

Come and celebrate Christmas with us.









Sunday 11th December

3rd Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The Good SHEPHERD.”




Sunday 27th November

1st Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The LIGHT of The World.”

Come on a journey with us this Advent to

discover The Greatest Gift.



Sunday 13th November

Remembrance Sunday


“Lest We forget.”


 Operation Christmas Child

Sunday 13th November

Please return your shoe boxes by this date.

Last year 11 million boxes were delivered

in over 100 countries.

Please take a box and a leaflet available at

the Church.



Sunday 30th October

 @ 10.30am

We continue our Sermon Series


This week - “How to Pray”





Sunday 9th October

Christians Against Poverty

Sunday @10.30am


Sunday 2nd October



Sunday 18th September 


 9.45am The Big Breakfast   RSVP 16.9.16.

10.30am The Big Welcome Service

We invite you to come and visit us today or any Sunday you are free.




Sunday August 7th @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate Oliver’s Dedication .





May 27-29 2016


Tickets Adult: £55.00  5-16: £37.00  under 5: £2.00


Sunday 15th May 2016


Celebrate the Day of Pentecost




Sunday March 27th

10:30am Easter Sunday



We will be joining the other Wokingham Churches as

part of our Easter 2016 Celebrations today.

11.00am St Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church

             Good Friday Service & Refreshments.

This will be followed by a procession to the Market Square.

12.00pm EASTER PLAY performed by STAGEFRIGHT

Come along if you can, All Welcome








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Latest Events

 Sunday 31st July

we held an afternoon tea which was enjoye dby all who came and we raised £124.00 to add to our Gift Day fund which is for the work currently being undertaken in the church building. 




New to 2014 we are posting our sermons on youtube so that they are much easier to access from all devices and to share with your friends. Just click on the videos below:


Characteristics of a Healthy Church - Good stewardship & Generosity 2Cor.9:1-11

Stewardship is where the rubber hits the road in our lifestyle as a Christ follower. A Healthy church is full
of people who have a generous spirit and are cheerful givers of time, money, talents, and encouragement. How do we do this?

1) Understanding God’s heart: It begins with a heart fully devoted to loving God and
loving His people in a way that matches His generous heart. He is more concerned about our soul than our schedules and our schedules should be governed by our souls. Good works do not make a  person good, but a good person does good works.

2) Exercising Personal stewardship: Matthew 6:21… we need to take stock of what
we are doing with our resources from time to time. sacrificial giving is only a sacrifice when it comes from our substance not our surplus. God looks at how we use what we keep not just the amount we give.

3) Being Aware of our Responsibility: Matthew 25:35-40… we can’t push this off on someone else we all need to be generous if we are a follower of Christ, who gave everything for us. To Him who has been given much, much will be expected.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Becoming a Healthy Church - Outward Focus 2 Kings 7:1-20... 

Archbishop William Temple famously stated in the C of E report Towards the Evangelisation of Englandafter World War 2. “The church is the only organisation on earth that exists for the outsider”. During the time of Elisha in ch.7 the Arameans were besieging the capital of the Norhtern Kingdom the city of Samaria. The people had lost all hope and after months of starvation were resigned to either surrender or death. Ch.7 tells the amazing story of 4 lepers who were outside the city. They decided their only hope of survival was to go to the enemy camp and ask for mercy (v.4). Finding the enemy camp deserted they began to enjoy the mountains of food, the treasures left in the tents and new clothes.
They decided this secret could not be kept for long and they should go and hide the treasure for themselves. Then they remembered all the people in Samaria dying and doomed.

1) They Repented of Selfishness. Jesus did not just give us salvation for us to revel in it and keep it for ourselves while others are doomed and perishing. He came to save us from selfishness and cause us to share His Good news with a dying world.

2) They Recognised their Responsibility  the lepers first enjoyed the blessings before they could speak about them. unless we are saved and living in His blessings and promises we cannot share what Jesus has done effectively it will only be 2nd hand info.

3) They Reported God’s act of salvation we need salvation as much as anyone else. God calls us to witness to Jesus’ liberation of the world from sin and death  Let’s share what God has done.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The Heavens declare

Once again, apologies for the poor sound quality in parts of this weeks’ sermon, we hope it does not spoil your listening experience. Some parts of the sermon are quieter than others so you may need to adjust your sound volume.

This week, we welcome a very good friend of Sindlesham Baptists for our sermon. Thanks to Lawrence McNulty from Kings Church Wokingham for his interesting and thoughtful sermon. We hope you enjoy listening to the Word from Lawrence. 


Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Characteristics of a Healthy Church - Servant leadership. John 13:1-17... 

Apologies for poor sound quality in part of this sermon - we hope this does not spoil your listening to the Word.

The church needs leaders who demonstrate His style of leadership to the people He has entrusted to their care. Servant leadership where the leader serves their people. What does it look like? 3 main pictures.
1) A Shepherd - Psalm 23 John 10 - Jesus said I am the Good Shepherd. A relationship with the people which is built on trust, the shepherd protects the flock and leads them to good grazing ground.

2) A Servant - Jesus demonstrated His desire to serve His people, paid the ultimate sacrifice on the cross, leadership must be service.

3) A Steward - God’s people are entrusted to the leaders, to develop their faith and gifts and encourage them in their service and discovering God’s plan for their lives individually and corporately. Jesus said
if you do this you will be blessed.

Download audio -this may take a few minutes


Becoming a Healthy Church - Community (2) Galatians 5:13-15,22-6:10..

Wars between countries are inevitable if we cannot even agree in our own families.
Community involves relationships and the need to exercise Christ’s love, forgiveness and mercy as well as receive them. What does Christ’s community look like?

1) To Love and be Loved. God has made us to love and be loved, He gave His Son unconditionally for us.
This is the Love He expects from His followers if we are to be the lighthouse of love and mercy to a fallen broken hurting world.

2) To Know and be known. We are developing a community where we can be real. Gossip and Lies have no place here. We are to take a healthy interest in each other’s lives not a nosey one.

3) To bear and be bourne by. We are here to comfort help and support one another in times of need. Not to wallow in self pity for God has allowed us to go through dark days to be able not only to grow but also to be able to help those in the future who tread the same paths.

4) To Celebrate and be Celebrated. We are for one another and actively work and pray for the best for others, so it is right to celebrate their successes and joys and to celebrate our own mountain top experiences. This, however, only develops when we allow Jesus to be Lord not just in word but primarily in deed and obedience.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Becoming a Healthy Church - Community 1John 4... 

Generation X and Generation Y have an inbuilt desire to form friendships and to be very sociable. This should not surprise us as we are made in God’s image the original community, Father, Son and Spirit but
other generations should be challenged by this.

1) Jesus and Community - Jesus developed Communtiy with the 12 disciples, He sought to build community to teach and equip them before sending them out so that they would, in part, be prepared
to plant the Church after His departure.  Robert Coleman points out 8 concepts of community in his book Master Plan of Evangelism.

2) Obstacles to Community - A lack of time due to God-given responsibilities family, work leisure etc. social mobility. All too often a lack of grace we all long to receive grace but we need to be Grace Givers.

3) Ways to Build Community  - The One anothers of the New Testament Love, Pray for, Care for, Greet, Bear one another’s burdens, encourage and build, submit to, bear and forgive, Admonish, serve, spur
on towards love and good deeds.

Authentic Christian Community is the main thing that will attract unbelievers to SBC.They are watching us let’s make every effort to make them see the Community of Christ in Action.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Matthew 13:1-9 The Parable of The Sower.

Very often we just think of this as those who have received the Gospel and those who have not. However notice the sower is sowing his seed in just one field where there are 4 different types of soil. It’s possible for Christians to have each of the 4 types of soil at any given time which means we should not be complacent but seek to grow more like Christ each new day.

1) The Path, it became nothing more than bird seed.

2) The Rocky ground, sometimes we don’t allow what God is saying to take root and so when difficulties arise we give up and back track and God’s plan remains undone.

3) The Weeds. Sometimes we can allow other things like material things, friendships, sport, leisure to stop us doing what God wants us to so we end up going the way of the world instead of swimming against the tide.

4) The Good ground - God’s word to us is actioned, we step out in faith and see His amazing power at work through us resulting in changed lives and situations bringing Glory to God and seeing His Kingdom increased.

Which type of soil are you This morning?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Spiritual Development/ Discipleship Philippians 3:12-14...

The story of “the Keeper of the Spring” illustrates why we need each day to allow The Holy Spirit to change us, to stop the natural habits of living in my human power reacting as a human and doing the things that are not God-honouring, speaking in ways and words that are destructive and divisive and allowing our attitudes to pour out a foul odour to the people around us. We need to allow the Keeper of the Spring to daily de-tox us of the bad attitudes, mind-set, opinions, thoughts, and words which will grow within us and choke the life of the Holy Spirit within us, and clog our innerselves with judgementalism, unlove, bitterness, anger, selfishness and greed etc. We know how we can grow in Christ Read The BIble, Pray, fast, listen to CDs sermons go to conferences etc all good in themselves but impossible to do every week/month and if we try to do them all we will feel defeated and worthless and give up. We need to take 3 things seriously:

1.) Prayer, spend time each day listening to God and act upon what He says.

2.) Study loads of books websites to help us go deeper into the Bible to help us apply it to our daily situations and relationships.

3.) Reflection action without reflection is meaningless action! We need to evaluate where we are where we’ve come from and where we are heading to make sure we haven’t come off the track God has for us. It’s only his road that leads us closer to Him. Jesus said “Follow Me” - Let’s make sure we are, and not going our own way.”

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Characteristics of a Healthy Church - God-Exalting Worship

The whole of creation is to be involved in worship but only mankind has been created to do so out of a loving relationship with God as our Father. Worship is to engage the heart mind soul and strength of the worshipper.

1.) Worship involves every part of our life. It’s not just what we do at church on a Sunday. It’s about how you speak, work, play relax and what you watch, read, surf on the internet and your responses to that which reveal what you really worship. John 4:23 we are to worship in Spirit and Truth, as Temples of the Holy Spirit our worship is to flow from our realtionship with God.

2.) Worship involves substance, form without substance is dead I believe the church has found “The missing Jewel of worship” A.W. Tozer wrote and longed for through the development of contemporary songs and music over the last 40 years globally. We sing To God not just About Him, to an audience of 1.

3.) Worship is about God not style. It doesn’t matter what the style or genre of worship is though we all are more comfortable with one. Isaiah 6 shows its about seeking the heart of God which He longs to give to us as a gift so that we can receive this gift and let it overflow to those around us. Without this we have nothing to give or say to a watching, broken world. come to worship Him and give Him glory so that you can touch the hem of His garments and then share His renewing life power love and healing with all those you meet.

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The Parable of the Mustard Seed

This week, we welcome back Paul Valler to give us his message today.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Running the Race

This week, we welcome back Lawrence McNulty from Kings Church Wokingham, for his sermon entitled ‘Running the Race’

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


1. Going on a Cruise Holiday with Jesus 

Mark 4:35-41… Jesus asked the disciples to take Him to the far side of the lake to have a
break from the demanding crowds and to recharge His batteries. Admitedly it wasn’t a 7 day cruise
but let’s consider 3 things from this event that the disciples would have reflected upon afterwards.

1) Jesus was Present that day. Jesus had been teaching about faith as small as a mustard seed. This was the journey of faith the disciples were on, Jesus was there but as they were sailing the boat and chatting. He was out of sight, out of mind, cruising through life knowing Jesus is there intellectually but actually doing life without Him. We need to incorporate Jesus into the “doing of life” walking in the spirit. Jesus is Present with you and I but are we living in His Presence?

2) Jesus was Peaceful God doesn’t always have to shout to be heard
He spoke to Elijah (1 Kings 19) not in the earthquake, wind or fire but the still small voice. He was asleep because HE trusted fully in God that nothing could happen to Him outside The Father’s will Jeremiah 29:11… Romans 8:28… even trials and tribulations can actually strengthen our faith, and making us more like Him.

3) Jesus was Powerful v.39… when Jesus gave the authoratative comman 2 things happenned

a) the storm instantly stopped,

b) The disciples fear was magnified v.41… sometimes we forget Jesus is the Lord of The Universe
Nature groans awaiting his return. Sometimes God needs to shake us to get our attention CS Lewis “Pain is God’s megaphone to the world.” Life is not always a cruise but having Jesus with you makes it possible for you to cruise through life’s storms maybe damaged but not defeated changed but now more like Jesus Romans 5:3-5….
Do You know Jesus’ Presence, Peace and Power in your life?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


To be blessed and give a blessing every day.

This weeks sermon comes from Barry Kirk.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


8.60:60 "All in for God" (based on a sermon by John Burke)

Luke 14:25-35… Jesus shocked his followers - what He said flew in the face of the 10 commandments and the NT teaching on the family. (Exodus 20:5; 1 Timothy 5:8…) to shock and get people discussing that to follow Him we have to count the cost. We have to be willing to put Him before everyone else even our family and to love Him and His plan for our lives even more than we love them. (The great commandment Matthew 25).
In the same way as we’ve come to the end of the 60 days we need to ask are we serious about continuing seeking to stay connected with Him every moment and be willing to listen and be responsive and take risks for Him? If we want Real Life John 17:3 we have to work to develop our relationship with God just like everything else in life e.g. sport, commerce, parenting, marriage etc. It all costs and we have to be willing to pay the price. Frank Laubach said we need to do 4 things if we are to succeed in making 60:60 a daily habit and routine, and bring us closer to God.

1) Our will is a gentle but constant pressure. We need to master our will or it will control us
(Romans 7) by allowing The Holy Spirit freedom to rule each moment. We need to recognise our default mode leads us away from God not nearer to Him so we have to be pro-active in this.

2) Persevere maybe nothing dramatic happenned in the last 60 days, but it will. Some habits stop us from drawing close to God and we need to deal with them first.

3) Commit to being part of a community. We need to receive fellowship and encouragement to continue this path to be encouraged and to be an encourager. Are you?

4) Don’t give up you may be almost there Focus on God and all His blessings and the blessing He wants to make you to others.    

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Soul Revolution - Independence v Interdependence 

John 17:20-21… Do you have a dream? Not surprising if you do since you are made in God’s image. His dream for the world is that His followers should be as one, as Jesus expressed in His prayer. However, nearly 2000 years later, this dream has not been fulfilled largely because of the way Christ followers have behaved Or “misbehaved” over the centuries. People say I can think about Jesus Christ but I don’t want anything to do with His followers (Church).

Yet Jesus promised in John 12 that we would do even greater things for Him as part of His body on earth. How can we present the living Christ to the people in Sindlesham and where we live and work?

1) Being willing to repond to God… Every person a story with God the story becomes an adventure “Your will be done” not mine. Tower of Babel Genesis 11:6 Power of unity. When we are willing to work with others we acheive synergy.

2) Be willing to Be part of God’s Family… 3 musketeers “All for one, one for all.” a picture of Christ’s body on earth the Church. We are created to live in community with others we need each other can’t be a lone Christian we are God’s gifts to each other. Church not a building or programme but
an interconnected web of relationships. Am I willing to be a living part of this church?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


King Saul

This weeks sermon was given by our good friend and preacher, Laurence McNulty.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Secure in Christ - Romans 8

Our security in God does not depend on our feelings or upon anything we do. If we are a Christian then the fact is we are secure in God’s love in Christ. This security is:-

1) like a FORTRESS. Christ has led us into it, we did not have to fight our way in. It does not rest on achievements, possessions, or feelings but upon the saving work and person of Jesus Christ.

2) we are secure against all FOES because God is greater than the devil; he can only partly attack us and God can even use these attacks and turn them into something positive. The day is coming when Satan will be no more and our lives are “hidden in Christ”

3) Our security is FOREVER not just for this life but for all eternity; nothing not even death can separate us from the love of God we have received in Christ Jesus. How are you living?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


60:60 Series - 5. How do people really change? (Adapted from John Burke's sermon series on 60:60)

1 John 1:5-10…We all need to be loved and feel we are known but there are certain things that make us wear masks as we fear we will be rejected if people really knew about those things in our lives.  There are certain things we need to allow God to deal with if we are to move forward  in our realtionships.
1) Pride & selfisheness Pride stops us from admiting we are wrong and need help. Write down and confess the pride in our lives./
2) Resentment This is the no.1 thing that fuels addictions - drugs, alcohol, pornography, eating disorders etc. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you if you harbour resentment write it down and confess it. 3) Fears & Insecurities Many of these are deep within us and stop us from growing as a person. 
4) Moral failures We’ve all committed these but before we can be forgiven we need to take responsibility for them and confess them to God in order to receive His healing forgiveness and ask Him to show us a better way to live in those areas of our lives, that will lead to blessing not shame.
James 5:16 tells us to confess to someone else whom we trust who will be able to help us and pray for us and set things in place to help us overcome these temptations and destructive patterns of behaviour. If we deal with these things then we and other people will notice a change in us.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


60:60 series - 4."What's wrong with these people?" (adapted from a sermon on the 60:60 website)

Jeremiah 18:1-6… Jesus not only commands us to love His followers, but expects us to do this, in a new way with His higher love. As we stay connected to God, He can show us how to do this but we need to:-

1) allow God to heal us relationally. We have all wounded and been wounded by others and each time we are hurt another piece of us dies. If we are willing to allow God to take up all the broken wounded parts of us, He will do just that and mould us back together like a potter moulding a new pot.

2) Stay connected to God. When we stay moment by moment  existing in His love then we can allow that love to flow through us to others. To do that we need to respond to His spirit’s promptings and be willing to receive the courage to pick up the pieces and give them to Him.

3) God longs to reconcile us 1 corinthians 1:10… Matthew 5 love your enemies. This is impossible for us but 2 Corinthians 5 tells us that God has made us ministers of reconciliation in Him through the Holy Spirit. God will lead you to forgive and restore and this is how we learn to love as God does as we see others through the eyes of Jesus. Forgiveness is a gift but future trust has to be earned. 

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


60:60 Series - 3. John 5:1-15....Feeding of the 5000

The boy took his opportunity to use what he had for Jesus. He could have said to Andrew “No, this is mine”. Instead he was wiling to share what was his with The Lord; miraculously Jesus took it and used it beyond the wildest dreams of even the most faithful disciple. 5000 plus people were fed and, we are told, were full after they had eaten and there were 12 baskets of bread left over. Imagine being part of that miracle. We need to adopt an attitude and faith like that of the little boy. Instead of keeping what we have for oursleves - money, time, possessions, love etc and saying “you can’t have this is mine” we need in faith to be willing to give it to Jesus and instead of saying it’s mine say, “it’s my opportunity to let Jesus use this for His Kingdom purposes and for His glory.” 

Are you willing to give God what He’s already loaned to you?

Download audio - this may take few minutes