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Our Pastor Calvin Julian-Jones invites you to join us

for our Sunday service @ 10.30 including our Sunday Club (S-Club) for children of all ages. All are welcome.

Upcoming Events


Sunday 7th October @ 10.30am


All Age service followed by

a Harvest Lunch to support

B.M.S. Project “Life’s first Cry.”





Sunday 23rd September @ 10.30am

“Pleasing God”







Sunday 16th September @ 10.30am

1 Thessalonians

A Community of Faith, Love and Hope





Sunday 26th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

3. The Woman who anointed Jesus’ Feet.








Sunday 19th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

2. The woman in the crowd







Sunday 12th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

The Woman at the well







Sunday 5th August @ 10.30am

All Age Service

SuperHeroes Jesus and Me






Sunday 29th July @ 10.30am

Hezekiah - “UnDefeated”

Faith and Repentance

= Deliverance




Sunday 22nd July @ 10.30am

“Mission Impossible?”

All welcome




190 Years Anniversary Weekend:

30th June - 1st July 2018

Saturday: 2.30pm Thanks Giving Celebration

Sunday: 10.30am Guest Preacher Rev Dave Wilson






Sunday 24th June @ 10.30am

The last Sermon in the

Resurrection Appearances Series.

Jesus appears to Saul on the 

Damascus Road.






Sunday 17th June @ 10.30am

Father’s Day

ALL AGE Service

All Welcome




Sunday 10th June @ 10.30am

Jesus is Alive

Peter’s 2nd Chance

All Welcome






Sunday 3rd June @ 10.30am

Jesus is ALIVE

Mass Hysteria?

All Welcome





Sunday 27th May @10.30am

The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Jesus is Alive

I Don’t believe it!  - Thomas

All welcome






Sunday 6th May @ 10.30am

“It Could Happen To YOU.”

Jesus is Alive (2)

Jesus appears to the Disciples.







Sunday 22nd April @ 10.30am

“Mistaken Identity.”

All Welcome






Sunday 8th April @ 10.30am


All Welcome.




Sunday 1st April

9.45am Easter Breakfast rsvp

10.30am ALL AGE EASTER Service



Sunday 18th March @ 10.30am

1 John 4:7 - 5:4 “God’s Love in Us.”

We will also celebrate Communion







Sunday 4th march @10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Test the spirits”






Sunday 11th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Doing what is Right”

All Welcome Refreshments after the service.







Sunday 4th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“3 Warnings!”









Sunday 28th January @ 10.30am


You are my Light, my Rock and my Fortress.

All Welcome Refreshments after the service





Sunday 21st January @ 10.30am

1John 1:5-2:14

“What if I stumble?”







Sunday 14th January @ 10.30am

New Year New Sermon Series

on 1 John begins today.





Sunday 7th January @ 10.30am

Epiphany - The Wise Men




Sunday 31st December @ 10.30am

New Year’s Eve Service.

“Behold I am coming soon.”





Sunday 17th December

Christmas Services

10.30am All Age Nativity Play

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

All Welcome





Sunday 3rd December @ 10.30am

1st Sunday in Adevnt 2017

Hope for The Hopeless Isaiah 9:1-7…





Sunday 26th November @ 10.30am

The Final sermon in the series on The Book of AMOS

“Destruction and Restoration”






Sunday 19th November @ 10.30am

This week we have Mr Malcolm Fleming

coming to share what God is doing through

The Bible Society.






Sunday 12th November 10.30am

Remembrance Sunday Service

During the service we will observe the 2 minute National Silence.






Sunday 5th November @ 10.30am


“Stars in the Universe”






Sunday 8th October @10.30am

Series on AMOS




Sunday 1st October @ 10.30am

Harvest Celebration

All Age Service Speaker:

Mrs B. Ennals (Tearfund)

A Harvest Lunch follows the service.

Cost £5 Proceeds to Tearfund

r.s.v.p. 0118 9783022 (30.09.17.)




Sunday 24th September @ 10.30am

New Sermon Series on

The Book of Amos




Sunday 17th September

9.45am Continental Breakfast R.S.V.P.

10.30am All Age Service on Prayer




Sunday 10th September @ 10.30am

“Dare to Believe”

A Special Week of Prayer Begins




Sunday 27th August @ 10.30am



All Welcome.





Sunday 20th August @ 10.30am

Last in Series

“Transformed Living”

Put on The Armour of God




Sunday 23rd July @10.30am



Followed by a Bar-b-que

r.s.v.p. Wednesday 19.7.17.

Adults £3 Children £1.50



Sunday 18th June @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate

Father’s Day

with us at our All Age Service



Sunday 11th June @ 10.30am

“Serving God Together”

“you are a chosen people, a royal

priesthood, a holy nation, a people

belonging to God, that you may declare

the praises of Him who called you out

of darkness into His wonderful light.”




Sunday 4th June @ 10.30am


Come and celebrate The Birhtday

of The Church of Jesus Christ!




Sunday 28th May @ 10.30am

Conclusion of Job Series




Sunday 21st May @ 10.30am


Testimony, promises

Songs & Prayers.



Sunday 14th May @10.30am


God Takes Care of us.

“Noah and the animals”



Sunday 7th May @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

God Speaks to Job




Sunday 30th April @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

A Life Pleasing to God



Sunday 9th April @ 10.30am


Jesus Our Mediator.



Sunday 26th March

@ 10.30am

Mothering Sunday Service.


The Children will be making Mothers’

Day Presents and all the ladies at the

service will be given a Gift.

We hope you can come and join us as

we celebrate Mothers Today.



Sunday 19th March

@ 10.30am

Series on The Book of Job

6… “Life’s NOT Fair!”





Sunday 26th February


Sermon Series on The Book of Job

Chapter 3

“A Dead Man Walking”






Sunday 15th January


Are you wearing Royal Robes

or Grave clothes?

John 11:1-44




Sunday 25th December


All Age Christmas service

Everyone welcome.




Sunday 18th December

4th Sunday in Advent

10.30amThe Little star who couldn’t twinkle”

Nativity Play All Age Service

Followed by Festive refreshments

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

followed by Refreshments.

Come and celebrate Christmas with us.









Sunday 11th December

3rd Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The Good SHEPHERD.”




Sunday 27th November

1st Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The LIGHT of The World.”

Come on a journey with us this Advent to

discover The Greatest Gift.



Sunday 13th November

Remembrance Sunday


“Lest We forget.”


 Operation Christmas Child

Sunday 13th November

Please return your shoe boxes by this date.

Last year 11 million boxes were delivered

in over 100 countries.

Please take a box and a leaflet available at

the Church.



Sunday 30th October

 @ 10.30am

We continue our Sermon Series


This week - “How to Pray”





Sunday 9th October

Christians Against Poverty

Sunday @10.30am


Sunday 2nd October



Sunday 18th September 


 9.45am The Big Breakfast   RSVP 16.9.16.

10.30am The Big Welcome Service

We invite you to come and visit us today or any Sunday you are free.




Sunday August 7th @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate Oliver’s Dedication .





May 27-29 2016


Tickets Adult: £55.00  5-16: £37.00  under 5: £2.00


Sunday 15th May 2016


Celebrate the Day of Pentecost




Sunday March 27th

10:30am Easter Sunday



We will be joining the other Wokingham Churches as

part of our Easter 2016 Celebrations today.

11.00am St Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church

             Good Friday Service & Refreshments.

This will be followed by a procession to the Market Square.

12.00pm EASTER PLAY performed by STAGEFRIGHT

Come along if you can, All Welcome








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Latest Events

 Sunday 31st July

we held an afternoon tea which was enjoye dby all who came and we raised £124.00 to add to our Gift Day fund which is for the work currently being undertaken in the church building. 




New to 2014 we are posting our sermons on youtube so that they are much easier to access from all devices and to share with your friends. Just click on the videos below:


60:60 Series - 2. Ears to Hear

Chuck Colson said he had never related God’s power to his life, and was so busy he had no time for God. God spoke in a still small voice to Elijah (2 Kings 19) and Samuel (1Samuel 2); we too need to put our spiritual ears on to hear God.

1) We need to develop Hearts that are willing. If we stay connected, we realise He does want to speak to us, and can plant thoughts in our mind. Jesus said whoever has ears let him hear.

2) We need to take risks. Faith is spelt RISK until you get on the faiground ride you can’t experience the thrill you can’t just 1/2 get on it you have to get your whole self in the car.  Don’t let fear hold you back.

3) Distinguish God’s voice. Through scripture, Through others, is it wise? is it necessary? does it fit your gifting?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


60:60 Series - 1. Loving The real God

The Bible tells us that we were created to do life with God in an intimate relationship based upon His unconditional love for us.

1) Our Life on auto-pilot leads us away from God’s love. We all try to be the captain of our own life but like the captain of the Titanic we are heading for an ice-berg, and we are going down. The harder we try the more we fail (Romans 7) until we feel condemned, so we then try and live without God.

2) God wants to be the captain of our life. (Romans 8) in Christ we are no longer under condemnation. Jesus wants to transfer us to His ship, but makes us steer and says I want to lead you away from the icy Atlantic waters to the tropical waters. To do this we need to learn to walk in His love and when we fall know He will pick us up.

3) The Benefits of Knowing the real God. God loves you, He is humble, He waits for your willingness to follow Him. He is a servant, a comforter, helper, counsellor who will never leave us. He is the joy-giver.

As you commit to this 60:60 challenge, you’ll discover what Jesus said was true.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Luke 15 vv 11-32...

The Parable doesn’t have an ending! How do we think about people far from God; really do we want God to judge them or show Grace and mercy?

1.) God’s Compassion The Father’s heart was full of compassion. Jesus told us that he had come into
the world to save that which was lost, and it will always be the same.

2.) The Pride of the Elder brotherThe Pharisees displayed his attitude yet Jesus told them Matthew 21:31 the most despised and rejected in society were entering heaven before them. The elder brother felt let down by his father whom he had slaved for all his life. Has our Christian service degenerated into a joyless drudge have we forgotten how to party with The Father?

3) Your Response will you say sorry to your father and go inside with Him to celebrate or stay outside living on the farm but relationally far away from him and your brother? Align your response to God’s grace make sure you don’t Hate the sinner and the sin but love the sinner and hate the sin!

Download audio - this may take a frew minutes


Aliens & Strangers

This week, our sermon was provided by our guest preacher Barry Kirk from Tilehurst.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


2 Chronicles 32:7-8...

Hezekiah became King of Judah at a time when the people had rejected God in place of idols, and pagan gods. God was very much out of fashion and the Temple was closed and had been descrated, it was very much like our generation. But our God is The Almighty Creator of the universe who holds all things and peoples in His hands and we have The spirit of the risen Christ living in us. Hezekiah trusted God and was successful in restoring God to his people His success was the result of faith and repentance.

1) Faith. He restored the Temple, he re-introduced the Passover Celebration, and invited the nation to come back to God. That too is our call. He tore down all the pagan worship sites, and idols. What idols do we cling to alongside God? He defeated his enemies in battle and restored the fortunes of Judah.

2) Repentance. Hezekiah not surprisingly became proud attributing all God had done through him to himself. God allowed Hezekiah to become terminally ill and this brought him to his senses and to cry out in repentance for God’s mercy. God in His grace allowed him 15 more years and gave him a miraculous sign to prove that he would be healed on the third day. We need to have faith and repent each day of the things that stop us from being all He wants us to be and allowing other things to take His place. 

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


John 20:1-18.. "The Greatest Day in History"

Today, we celebrate the Greatest Day in History - the day when everything has changed in relation to the Past, Present and Future and our relationship with God.

1) Today is Historic: The word History derives from His Story (God’s story) every second of history begins and ends with God; He raises Kings and Kingdoms and also brings them down. The Bible tells us that history began in a garden and will end in a garden so it is fitting that the most pivotal day in History was also centred around the garden of Gethsemane. The Easter story is True not a myth.

2) So what?: has this got anything to do with me? CS Lewis said the claims of Jesus mean we only have 3 options about who Jesus really was: Mad, Bad, or God, and the resurrection proves He was God.

3) Over To You: The Greatest Day in History means that you and I have to make The Greatest Choice in History - Life with Jesus or Death without Him. Don’t mess it up.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Luke 10:25-37...The Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Today we are remembering Mothers and the work of Compassion Intl. 1 million children are sponsored in 26 different countries - amazing!

Today let us consider how the world’s poorest children can be helped. The lawyer asked “Who is my neighbour?” In response Jesus told the parable. In other words anyone who is in need and you have the ability to help is your neighbour. What should we do?

Mt.22 Love your neigbour as yourself. Prov.31:8-9… Instead of the man lying by the side of the road are 27000 children under 5 who each day die of poverty related treatable diseases. Can you help? Everettt Swanson began the work of Compassion in 1952 trying to help the street children of Seoul (Korea) who had become orphans because of the war. God used him he didn’t pass by on the other side like
the levi and the priest but he got involved and so should we.

Download audio - this may takea few minutes


The J Files 9 Luke 6:43-49...A tree and its fruit.

Whilst we are not to judge people Jesus warns us to be as shrewd as snakes and as gentle as doves, the key to a person’s character Jesus says can be seen by their fruit, either a trail of destruction, bitterness and deceit or a legacy of love joy peace and compassion.

1. The Good Tree Psalm 1:1-6 a righteous person John 15 if we abide in Jesus the vine then as his branches we will produce good fruit, transparency between our beliefs and actions, not perfect but willing to confess when we make mistakes and ask forgiveness.

2. The Bad Tree you don’t look for fruit from thistles briers or thorn bushes, they will sting and wound you. In the same way so will such people BUT Jesus doesn’t want us to avoid them but share God’s love with them, even if we get wounded and hurt by them that’s what he did for us on the cross.

3. The Ugly wolves in sheeps clothing, people who do good things for themselves blowing their own trumpets trying to look good in front of others, using people for their own ends. We are called to serve with love. What kind of tree are you? 

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J files 8: Judging Others Luke 6:37-42....

Jesus gives his followers here…

1. a Spiritual Law vv.37-38 sowing and reaping. Do not judge or condemn or you will be judged. Instead Give and Forgive and the measure you give so it will be given back to you.

2. A Spiritual Warning vv.39-40 The Pharisees were excellent at keeping the laws of Moses but to such an extent they forgot to show Mercy, Justice, Love and Compassion and fell into the trap of judging and condemning. This pattern would be perpetuated by their students.

3. A Spiritual Transformation vv. 41-42 Jesus with the introduction of humour makes the point we need to deal with our sin first before we can see other people as God sees them and be able to help them overcome their difficulties, instead of over reacting to their actions words and life styles. Love the sinner
hate the sin. Don’t judge or condemn instead cuiltivate Forgiveness, Generosity, Graciousness, Mercy and Tender-heartedness.

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The J Files 7: Luke 5:12-26

In these verses Jesus again reveals Himself to be God vv.20-21… and challenges us to have faith to believe for others that if we bring them to Jesus He will heal them, like the four friends who brought the paralytic man to Jesus.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J files 6: Jesus Calls His 1st Disciples Luke 5:1-11;27-32...

Who would you choose to be your small group if you wanted to start a new religion that would
spread over the whole world and last until the end of the world? Jesus miraculously revealed
His authority to Peter and the others with the great catch of fish and then called Matthew to
follow him.

1. What more do you want me to do?… Peter was blown away by Jesus who could
even command the fish in the lake to obey Him and He responded with fear and the recognition
of His unworthiness in the Presence of The Holy God Peter didn’t need any more proof do you?

2. I want Matthew to follow me… these words of command Jesus spoke to the despised and hated tax
collector Matthew. Imagine being Peter what was Jesus doing? Nobody wanted him but Jesus did
more amazingly Matthew got up and followed. Then threw a party for his tax collector friends that
very evening and invited Jesus and His new friends also. That’s what we need to be doing, and see
what God can do.

3. I want YOU  to follow Me…  He invites you and I to spend the rest of this life
and eternity with Him, v.32 but just as you need to give your consent for a surgeon to perform an
operation on you, so you need to give Jesus consent to perform a soul saving operation in your life,
and invite Him to be Your Leader and King and seek to follow Him.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J Files 5: Jesus Rejected at Nazareth Luke 4:14-30...

Please note that due to technical problems with our AV system, only half of Calvin’s sermon is available in this section. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Can you think of a time when you have been rejected? Jesus knew what rejection meant.

1. Jesus Declared His Authority 14-21… As was His custom Jesus went into the synagogue
on the sabbath this day it was at Nazareth, his home-town, He had begun his preaching
ministry in Galilee and people were beginning to ask if He was the Messiah. Jesus
declared His commission to preach The Good News to the poor and proclaimed that on
that very day the scripture was being fulfilled in other words “I am the One.”

2. Reaction of the people vv.22-29… At first astounded then furious when Jesus told them
of two notable occasions in Elijah and Elisha’s ministries when God had provided miracles for
the gentiles but not the Jews. They dragged him to the top of a nearby hill intending to kill him.

3. Jesus’ reaction v.30… Jesus time for death had not come and we are told he calmly walked
right through the mob and out of sight. Three years later the whole nation would reject Him. As
followers of Jesus we too must expect rejection but Jesus died for those who reject Him also. 

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J files 4: The Temptations of Jesus in the desert - Luke 4

Like in Ant & Dec’s “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” Jesus could have shouted to God
“I’m the Messiah get me out of here” but thankfully he didn’t. He endured this trial to enable us
to have the power to overcome temptation through Him and to become fully identified with us.
Jesus told his disciples of the 3 main temptations which HE knew we must also face as His followers.

1.) Hunger vv.3-4… God is more than able to meet all our physical needs in His way we don’t have
to prove that God is with us. Jeremiah 29:11…

2.) Power & wealth vv.5-8… Satan has usurped the authority to give authority and wealth to people from God, but we do not have to believe his lie that we can only aquire wealth and power by following his ways and that of the world for God is able to give far more than we can ever imagine. Matthew 6:4…

 3.) Instant Acclaim vv.9-13… X factor & Pop idol have propelled many to instant fame (and shame) Jesus says we should not try and manipulate God into making Bargains with Him that is not how a relationship of love and trust works. Prayer, Surrender and Scripture are the means through which we can know victory over temptation, we don’t have to give in for Our God is stronger and helps us when we call.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J Files 3: The Baptism of Jesus - Luke 3... 

John The Baptist proclaimed that he was not the Messiah, for he baptised with water, but the Messiah would baptise people with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Jesus came to John at the river Jordan and asked to be baptised. John recognised Jesus as the Messiah, and Jesus did this to become fully identified with us. Jesus offers:-

1. Baptism in The Holy Spirit. Take a leap of faith and leave aside your own personal theology and
experiences of the H.S. and realise that Jesus wants to clothe us and flood us with The Holy Spirit and His power “dynamite” to become and fulfil all that He has for us to do in this world. The past 40 years has seen the church in our nation divided and arguing about The Holy Spirit and at the same time Satan has taken the ground from us as we have been too involved in “arguing our corner”. Its time to stop and be united to go forward in His power to take back this nation together. Luke 11:13 God will give us The Holy Spirit when we ask in His way and in His time for His glory not ours.

2. Baptism in Fire. Jesus came to raise up and also cast down when He comes again He will come in Judgement separating the wheat from the tares make sure you’re joined with the wheat and the sheep of God’s pasture.

3. Baptism in water. Jesus said he was to be baptised to fulfil all righteousness (Mat. 3:14-15). Jesus
was here anointed by The Holy Spirit as He identified Himself with us and was encouraged to set out on the journey to the cross by God’s words from heaven “You are my Son whom I love; with You I am well pleased.”

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J Files 2: The Boy Jesus at The Temple Luke 2:40-52...

Can you imagine how Mary and Joseph must have felt when they realised they’d “lost” God’s Son?
This is the only recorded incident in Jesus’ childhood so what significance does it have for us? 
1. Growth takes time. Jesus was 12 going 30 we always want everything now, Jesus had emptied Himself of omniscience when he was born and had to learn and grow just like us. God is more interested in the process of spiritual growth in us than just its end.

2. Tension between our responsibilities to God and to others. Jesus was surprised at Mary and Joseph that they didn’t look in the Temple as He must be about “my father’s” business. For the first time Jesus expressed that He knew God to be His real Father, and needed to learn more about The Messiah and the law.

3. We must often submit to those less qualified. Jesus went back to Nazareth with Mary and Joseph even though he knew God’s plan for Him involved much more than being a carpenter’s son.

4. We need God’s Grace upon us. 2;40 ,52… Jesus needed to grow in wisdom, Stature, Favour with God and man. Ultimately we are not dependent on our innate skills but upon God’s grace to succeed in His Kingdom mission.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


The J Files 1: Luke 2:21-40 Jesus presented at the Temple

To fulfil the law, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to be presented at the temple in Jerusalem. What happened was something they could never have imagined. Simeon and Anna make it clear to everyone there and subsequently to everyone who reads Luke’s gospel that this was no ordinary baby. God had kept His promise to Simeon and he was so convinced that this child was the Promised Messiah that he was now at peace and ready for God to call him home “My eyes have seen Your salvation.” He also predicted that Jesus would divide the human race; those who accept Him will rise to new life but those who reject Him will fall stuck in their old life. Anna, a prophetess and a devout servant of God, also proclaimed Jesus to be the Saviour. These two people eloquently gave voice to who the Magi and the shepherds and Angels had procalimed Him to be. Does Jesus cause you to rise or fall?

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


2 Chronicles 32

This incident during King Hezekiah’s reign over Judah shows us much about our need as God’s people to Pray to Him and how to Pray in times of uncertainty and pain.

1) The spiritual Danger we are in is real; we are in God’s army called to fight we must expect difficulties and hardships in this life; we are not exempt from pain but God uses these times to change us to become more like Him. We can be sure He is with us every step of the way especially in the hard times.

2) Fear makes us Doubt. This is to be expected in 2011 it is not a sin to doubt. However we must recognise Doubt as one of the main tools Satan uses to seek to destroy us and our faith. The Assyrians tried to spread doubt amongst God’s people as to Hezekiah’s faith in God, God’s power to Save them, and threw in the empty promise of an all inclusive holiday if they surrendered. Tempting! But No!!

3) Evil is to be Defeated; Hezekiah and Isaiah prayed that God’s Glory would be seen by the nations and His fame spread among the peoples of the earth. We are to make God’s honour and reputation the basis of our prayers. In 2011, Place your hand into the outstretched Hand of your God “better than any light and safer than any known way”.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes, please be patient


3rd Sunday in Advent

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus says that we (his followers) are the light of the world, and in v.16 that we are to let our light shine in order that God may be glorified. However for this to happen, we must allow God to do three things in our lives.

1. To Light us up, by receiving His forgiveness and inviting Him to be the King of every part of our life. 2. To Place us in the right spot, not where we want to be but where He wants us to be.                      3. To Shine His Kingdom through us. Jesus bids us shine you in your small corner and I in mine.”

Download audio - please be patient, this may take a few minutes


2nd Sunday in Advent

SBC welcomes back Laurence McNulty this week.

Laurence entitled his sermon ‘Advent Angels’ which you can listen to by downloading the audio file. 

“God sends Messanger Angels, Ministering Angels and Warrior Angels to help - God’s people fulfil the tasks the Holy Spirit lays upon us.”

Download audio - please be patient, this may take several minutes


1st Sunday in Advent

2 Chronicles 7:14… “If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

Our nation today is threatened by paganism, atheism, radical Islam, a basic erosion of values, a lack of respect for other people and their property, and lives by the premise look after No.1 “Love Things and Use People.”

If, as part of Christ’s followers, we are to see renewal revival and healing in our nation we need to do what God says in this verse. Humble ourselves, recognise and deal with pride, Pray corporately and individually and expect God to show us how to be part of the solution. Seek God’s face in intimacy something even Moses was not allowed to do in Exodus 33:20, as we seek to know God’s will and what He wants us to do. Just as the woman caught in adultery was forgiven by Jesus so are we but His last words to her were to “Go and sin no more” If we carry on sinning, we are rebelling against His governing rule over our life and every time we sin it’s like we are actively involved in a terrorist attack against God’s Kingdom rule in our life setting off destructive explosions in our life and the lives of others.

Now is the Time To Pray if we want Revival.

Download Audio - please be patient, this may take a few minutes