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Our Pastor Calvin Julian-Jones invites you to join us

for our Sunday service @ 10.30 including our Sunday Club (S-Club) for children of all ages. All are welcome.

Upcoming Events


Sunday 7th October @ 10.30am


All Age service followed by

a Harvest Lunch to support

B.M.S. Project “Life’s first Cry.”





Sunday 23rd September @ 10.30am

“Pleasing God”







Sunday 16th September @ 10.30am

1 Thessalonians

A Community of Faith, Love and Hope





Sunday 26th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

3. The Woman who anointed Jesus’ Feet.








Sunday 19th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

2. The woman in the crowd







Sunday 12th August @ 10.30am

People Jesus Met -

The Woman at the well







Sunday 5th August @ 10.30am

All Age Service

SuperHeroes Jesus and Me






Sunday 29th July @ 10.30am

Hezekiah - “UnDefeated”

Faith and Repentance

= Deliverance




Sunday 22nd July @ 10.30am

“Mission Impossible?”

All welcome




190 Years Anniversary Weekend:

30th June - 1st July 2018

Saturday: 2.30pm Thanks Giving Celebration

Sunday: 10.30am Guest Preacher Rev Dave Wilson






Sunday 24th June @ 10.30am

The last Sermon in the

Resurrection Appearances Series.

Jesus appears to Saul on the 

Damascus Road.






Sunday 17th June @ 10.30am

Father’s Day

ALL AGE Service

All Welcome




Sunday 10th June @ 10.30am

Jesus is Alive

Peter’s 2nd Chance

All Welcome






Sunday 3rd June @ 10.30am

Jesus is ALIVE

Mass Hysteria?

All Welcome





Sunday 27th May @10.30am

The Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

Jesus is Alive

I Don’t believe it!  - Thomas

All welcome






Sunday 6th May @ 10.30am

“It Could Happen To YOU.”

Jesus is Alive (2)

Jesus appears to the Disciples.







Sunday 22nd April @ 10.30am

“Mistaken Identity.”

All Welcome






Sunday 8th April @ 10.30am


All Welcome.




Sunday 1st April

9.45am Easter Breakfast rsvp

10.30am ALL AGE EASTER Service



Sunday 18th March @ 10.30am

1 John 4:7 - 5:4 “God’s Love in Us.”

We will also celebrate Communion







Sunday 4th march @10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Test the spirits”






Sunday 11th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“Doing what is Right”

All Welcome Refreshments after the service.







Sunday 4th February @ 10.30am

Sermon Series on 1 John

“3 Warnings!”









Sunday 28th January @ 10.30am


You are my Light, my Rock and my Fortress.

All Welcome Refreshments after the service





Sunday 21st January @ 10.30am

1John 1:5-2:14

“What if I stumble?”







Sunday 14th January @ 10.30am

New Year New Sermon Series

on 1 John begins today.





Sunday 7th January @ 10.30am

Epiphany - The Wise Men




Sunday 31st December @ 10.30am

New Year’s Eve Service.

“Behold I am coming soon.”





Sunday 17th December

Christmas Services

10.30am All Age Nativity Play

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

All Welcome





Sunday 3rd December @ 10.30am

1st Sunday in Adevnt 2017

Hope for The Hopeless Isaiah 9:1-7…





Sunday 26th November @ 10.30am

The Final sermon in the series on The Book of AMOS

“Destruction and Restoration”






Sunday 19th November @ 10.30am

This week we have Mr Malcolm Fleming

coming to share what God is doing through

The Bible Society.






Sunday 12th November 10.30am

Remembrance Sunday Service

During the service we will observe the 2 minute National Silence.






Sunday 5th November @ 10.30am


“Stars in the Universe”






Sunday 8th October @10.30am

Series on AMOS




Sunday 1st October @ 10.30am

Harvest Celebration

All Age Service Speaker:

Mrs B. Ennals (Tearfund)

A Harvest Lunch follows the service.

Cost £5 Proceeds to Tearfund

r.s.v.p. 0118 9783022 (30.09.17.)




Sunday 24th September @ 10.30am

New Sermon Series on

The Book of Amos




Sunday 17th September

9.45am Continental Breakfast R.S.V.P.

10.30am All Age Service on Prayer




Sunday 10th September @ 10.30am

“Dare to Believe”

A Special Week of Prayer Begins




Sunday 27th August @ 10.30am



All Welcome.





Sunday 20th August @ 10.30am

Last in Series

“Transformed Living”

Put on The Armour of God




Sunday 23rd July @10.30am



Followed by a Bar-b-que

r.s.v.p. Wednesday 19.7.17.

Adults £3 Children £1.50



Sunday 18th June @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate

Father’s Day

with us at our All Age Service



Sunday 11th June @ 10.30am

“Serving God Together”

“you are a chosen people, a royal

priesthood, a holy nation, a people

belonging to God, that you may declare

the praises of Him who called you out

of darkness into His wonderful light.”




Sunday 4th June @ 10.30am


Come and celebrate The Birhtday

of The Church of Jesus Christ!




Sunday 28th May @ 10.30am

Conclusion of Job Series




Sunday 21st May @ 10.30am


Testimony, promises

Songs & Prayers.



Sunday 14th May @10.30am


God Takes Care of us.

“Noah and the animals”



Sunday 7th May @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

God Speaks to Job




Sunday 30th April @ 10.30am

Series on Job:

A Life Pleasing to God



Sunday 9th April @ 10.30am


Jesus Our Mediator.



Sunday 26th March

@ 10.30am

Mothering Sunday Service.


The Children will be making Mothers’

Day Presents and all the ladies at the

service will be given a Gift.

We hope you can come and join us as

we celebrate Mothers Today.



Sunday 19th March

@ 10.30am

Series on The Book of Job

6… “Life’s NOT Fair!”





Sunday 26th February


Sermon Series on The Book of Job

Chapter 3

“A Dead Man Walking”






Sunday 15th January


Are you wearing Royal Robes

or Grave clothes?

John 11:1-44




Sunday 25th December


All Age Christmas service

Everyone welcome.




Sunday 18th December

4th Sunday in Advent

10.30amThe Little star who couldn’t twinkle”

Nativity Play All Age Service

Followed by Festive refreshments

6.30pm Carols by Candlelight

followed by Refreshments.

Come and celebrate Christmas with us.









Sunday 11th December

3rd Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The Good SHEPHERD.”




Sunday 27th November

1st Sunday in Advent 2016

10.30am “Jesus The LIGHT of The World.”

Come on a journey with us this Advent to

discover The Greatest Gift.



Sunday 13th November

Remembrance Sunday


“Lest We forget.”


 Operation Christmas Child

Sunday 13th November

Please return your shoe boxes by this date.

Last year 11 million boxes were delivered

in over 100 countries.

Please take a box and a leaflet available at

the Church.



Sunday 30th October

 @ 10.30am

We continue our Sermon Series


This week - “How to Pray”





Sunday 9th October

Christians Against Poverty

Sunday @10.30am


Sunday 2nd October



Sunday 18th September 


 9.45am The Big Breakfast   RSVP 16.9.16.

10.30am The Big Welcome Service

We invite you to come and visit us today or any Sunday you are free.




Sunday August 7th @ 10.30am

Come and celebrate Oliver’s Dedication .





May 27-29 2016


Tickets Adult: £55.00  5-16: £37.00  under 5: £2.00


Sunday 15th May 2016


Celebrate the Day of Pentecost




Sunday March 27th

10:30am Easter Sunday



We will be joining the other Wokingham Churches as

part of our Easter 2016 Celebrations today.

11.00am St Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church

             Good Friday Service & Refreshments.

This will be followed by a procession to the Market Square.

12.00pm EASTER PLAY performed by STAGEFRIGHT

Come along if you can, All Welcome








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Latest Events

 Sunday 31st July

we held an afternoon tea which was enjoye dby all who came and we raised £124.00 to add to our Gift Day fund which is for the work currently being undertaken in the church building. 




New to 2014 we are posting our sermons on youtube so that they are much easier to access from all devices and to share with your friends. Just click on the videos below:

Entries in Rev Ian Greig (17)


The J Files 7: Luke 5:12-26

In these verses Jesus again reveals Himself to be God vv.20-21… and challenges us to have faith to believe for others that if we bring them to Jesus He will heal them, like the four friends who brought the paralytic man to Jesus.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


Barriers to God's love

This week Ian returns to Sindlesham to give the message.

Download audio - this may take a few minutes


How the Holy Spirit empowers the church to grow in every way

In Acts 9 we read that the church was strenthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit and grew further in numbers. Looking at how the church is gathered, strengthened and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, the Scripture shows that:

  • A gathered, connected church is a growing church
  • A strengthened church is a growing church
  • A church that knows where to find and share encouragement is a growing church

Download audio


Not What We Do, But Who We Are

OUR Christian identity as children of God is spelt out clearly in 1 John 3: 1-3. Familiar though this passage may be, the concept passes us by – until we look at what it means to be CALLED a child of God, to CARRY OUT our assignment in this world as those having that heavenly authority, and to live in the CONFIDENCE to put the enemy to flight and destroy barriers facing our lives and the lives of others. To add flavour, the PowerPoint that goes with this preach includes images of Blenheim Palace, and a Challenger 2 tank, the fastest tank in the world over rough territory. An empowering and prayer-warfare inspiring message.

Download audio


Jesus – The Person, the Power and the (Prayer) Process

HOW well do we really know Jesus, the person? This message from Philippians 2: 5-11 lloks at how Jesus let go of his divine nature and authority to live and minister on earth as one of us. The Holy Spirit who empowered Him is the same Holy Spirit who empowers us. Once we abdicate from our own sense of power and position, the real power and authority is released – as Jesus modelled for us. Then we can see that power dealing with all the doubt and deception the enemy sows in people’s minds, particularly in pre-evangelism where we have to break down barriers and strongholds of distrust, unbelief and confusion. There is a short model prayer which illustrates how this is done.

Download audio


The three-stranded safety rope

What prevents us from stepping out for God, being able to be used by Him? Or stepping into the experience of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, for that matter? Fear – and its subsidiaries like anxiety and timidity. The enemy is activie in trying to prevent us from taking hold of what God is giving us, guiding us into or growing us in. He does it mainly through fear. That is why Paul said to his young assistant, Timothy, “God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of good judgement”. When we get those “O God help!” moments, that very expressions is like grabbing the rope that God has given us. As we grab love, we get power and vice versa, and at that point the confusion lifts and we can make a good call for Him. This is the three-stranded rope and it is powerful indeed. One little tug from us and the answering tug is there to lift us up. The message ends with a repentance and renunciation of fears, and a fresh impartation of the Spirit of Jesus, whose love conquered fear.

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Hear God: Waiting, Walking, Welcoming

WE square up to God with direct questioning (don’t worry, the psalmist King David did the same) and become distraught at the apparent lack of answer. The reason is that God is more interested in having a relationship with us than answering all the questions. Waiting for His timing is a basic need in our impatient culture, and learning to enjoy a walk with Him where neither side necessarily talks but both achieve communication is a skill worth working at. However, a key need is to accept and welcome Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit as our encourager, teacher and means of revelation. It’s not an option, it is a requirement of Christian kingdom living. Are you open to the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus, to make you more like Him, in communion with the Father? We all need to ask, and to receive afresh. Main scriptures cited are Rev. 1: 17-18, Ps 38: 15 (The Message), Micah 6: 8 and 2 Cor. 6: 16 and John 14: 15-26.

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God loves us and speaks to us today

Part 3 of vision series. Why God should speak to us – and examples of how he speaks today, with ad lib testimony from the congregation!

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Part 2 of short series on the need for a clear God-given vision for the church, and how to get it. Part 1, briefly recapped here, addressed why we need vision (from Exodus 32 and Proverbs 29:18). Then the message looks at long-range, general guidance, like a pilot plotting a general course on a chart, assisted by long-range radar, as contrasted with short-range or more detailed and strategic vision. The course for the church – and for us as individuals – is spelled out in three definitive statements made by Jesus which we call the Great Commandment (Matthew 22: 36-40), the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20) and another final instruction about the Great Empowering  (Acts 1: 8). Taken together, we know pretty well what Jesus is saying to us as a church today – and what our mission is. This is an essential basis for a leader to come in and bring a strategic focus at a later time.

Download audio


Three sets of people submit to Jesus

The story of the shepherds at Bethlehem, the Wise Men who visited from afar – and about 33 years later, Simon Peter who submitted to having his Lord wash his feet. This is the key to worship, and worship is the key to the relationship to the present, living Lord jesus.

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Heavenly Harmony and the Power of Agreement

Jesus’ words about the prayer power available to a minimum number of people agreeing in His presence are backed up by exhortations to the early churches to be of one heart and mind in pursuing their mission. Using Matthew 18: 19-20, Philippians 4: 2 and 2: 2 and Romans 15: 5-6, Ian Greig shows that if we are not carrying unresolved issues, the will to harmonise and prefer each other is straightforward enough, and when the fellowship prays together, hears God together and gets a common vision, the opinions of the flesh that cause so much difficulty are displaced by the Holy Spirit’s unity-bringing leading.

Harmony of heaven in the Power of Agreement


Paul – Chosen by grace

Paul, originally known as Saul, was a cruel persecutor of followers of the Way and the most unsuitable candidate for God’s work of establishing churches. Smith Wigglesworth learnt to read late in life and was a poor communicator – until his experience of Spirit baptism. God is no respecter of persons and He can use and empower anyone!

Note: Sound quality sub-standard especially first 5 mins or so but it improves after that

Paul – Chosen by Grace


Solomon – Make The Main Thing the Main Thing

The story of temple worship and why it was so important, from first stirrings of an idea in to dedication and manifestation of glory in . Leads to key verse, “If my people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray….then will I hear”.

Solomon – Make the Main Thing the Main Thing


Gideon – With God, less is more

The story from and 7 of Gideon, one of Israel’s judges, clearly called by God to stand up to the Midianite/Amalekite oppression – using 300 men to face a vast encampment of 120,000. Listening to God, depending on Him, doing what He says one step at a time – it is all in this faith-raising account which reminds us that men may play the numbers game, but God doesn’t.

Gideon – Less is More


Gifts make church a team

Message from about how the spiritual gifts in operation transform the congregation from individuals who attend and receive, to a functioning team (the Bible word is ‘body’) with all playing an essential part in Jesus’ kingdom mission.

Gifts make church a team


The Team Gifts


Fruit of the Spirit